How to Use Our Site

Step 1
Enter the name of the charity you want details on.

Step 2
Review the free information and click print if that is all you want. This is a Free Service.

Step 3
You want more information? Please log in, search for a charity and click on one of the options that are listed.

Option What it means Pricing
Pay As You Go You select what information you want to review.
A running total is kept at the top of the page.
When you have finished selection, proceed to check out and follow the PayPal instructions.
48 pieces of financial information to choose from. Prices start from NZD1.00 + GST per item.
Full Report Just click on the option and proceed to check out and follow the PayPal Instructions NZD30 + GST
5 Pack report You want more than one report Please contact us and we will advise you.
Due Diligence You want more than just a financial report Pricing will be determined based on scope, timing and resources.